Estonian Association of Youth Workers


The Estonian Association of Youth Workers (ENK) unites all youth workers, including hobby school teachers, youth group leaders, camp educators, youth workers, local government youth work organizers and others who work with young people professionally or as volunteers.

The aim of the non-profit organization is to develop youth work and the professionalism of youth workers. They work closely with ministries and local governments. However, in order to express and represent its work and goals, the old brand had become outdated.

As ENK liked our bold style and previous work in branding involving young people, we were approached to create a new visual identity.

The brand did not have a unified visual system and the outdated logo did not express their values. In the new visual, it was important to find a balance that carried the values of a serious organization, while maintaining a certain playfulness of youth work.

To this end, a friendly color combination was created, a modern sans serif font chosen, and as an accent, a minimalist illustration language was added. Line-based illustrations give the bravisual communication a fresh feeling without overshadowing the message.