Tallinn Botanical Gardens


The botanical garden has been operating near Tallinn for nearly 60 years, exhibiting about 6500 plant species on its 22.5-hectare open-air exposition and 2000 species in the 2000 m2 greenhouses. It is a place to spend time and gain inspiration and knowledge. To attract a larger and new visitor base the customer wanted to refresh their look. There was no definite vision to achieve the goal, but as our previous work had spoken to the client, we were asked to find a novel approach.

Their advertising language for exhibitions previously based on photographs of flowers, which, unfortunately, repeated the content of the exhibition. Thus, it added no value and only appealed to a small audience. To generate interest in a wider audience we decided to use stylised illustrations of plants instead of photos and created a visual platform for all mediums.

The illustrated posters highlight the features and details of the plants that might otherwise be overlooked and thus, providing an introduction to the exhibition, where the true shape of the plants can be seen.

The new visuals have given the botanical garden a fresh and exciting look, received positive feedback from visitors and recognition in the form of a silver award in the Design/Print Advertising category at the 2017 Kuldmuna design awards.

Here is an overview of our favorite posters from 2016 to 2020.