Viljandi Guitar Festival


Viljandi Guitar Festival is an event focused on improvisational and transcendental guitar playing, bringing together guitarists from Estonia and abroad. A very important part of the festival are the workshops conducted by the artists, culminating in a concert by the student soloists and the guitar orchestra of the festival.

This was one of the projects where the result differs radically from the initial project brief. In the beginning, the client wanted to stick to the old designs that had not been changed much in the last ten years, but together we decided on a new approach. A modern visual identity was built around the theme of vibrating guitar strings. The customer had a vision that the logo should resemble a guitar, and through various experiments we came to a typographic solution that is clear and timeless.

The festival, which has long found its place in the heart of guitar lovers, received a fresh look through our design and thus, enabled new audiences to discover the event.

The new face of the festival was given a silver award in the Corporate Graphic/Rebranding category at the 2019 Estonian Design Awards.