Year of Children’s and Youth Culture


Estonian Ministry of Culture has a theme for each year, which in 2017 was Children’s and Youth Culture. This provided an opportunity to credit our children both as creators and as an audience, interlink various fields of culture and compile a myriad of events.

The client wished to find a positive and eye-catching solution that appealed to both young people as well as adults.

Due to a wide audience of the theme year, we agreed with the client that addressing the wide target audience with photos would be difficult. Therefore, we created “me-toos” functioning as the central symbol of visual communication – a creature made of abstract shapes representing the diversity in all of us, something we all should remember to value. We created an identity with 18 different characters from 20 shapes in 6 colours.

The project was given a gold award in the Visual Identity category at the Kuldmuna festival and bronze at the Estonian Design Awards.